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It is easy to close a drawer, closet door, or storage area, and ignore all the stuff. Life is busy, we all take on too much. Start with one thing, and with every step, you will gain a little freedom.

I offer a complimentary 60 minute in-home consultation to discuss the details of your project. We’ll look at your entire home, versus just one room. I’ve found that spaces are very interdependent- what’s not working in one area is often tied into issues with another. For each space that you want to address, I will help you define your vision, zones of activity/storage, items to remove (relocate, donate or sell), and items to add to maximize your space.

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Let me help:

✓ Determine what items you can get rid of

✓ Reduce the clutter and simplify your space

✓ Create a plan to stay organized

Here are a few reasons you may consider hiring me for organization services:

✓ You’re feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start.

✓ Due to health challenges, you can’t physically organize your space.

✓ You don’t have the time to dedicate to organization.

✓ You're downsizing/relocating/renovating



Sessions & Rates

Each Session Includes:

✓ Three hours of hand-on organizing

✓ Additional time spent planning layouts and organizing solutions

✓ Shopping for necessary supplies

✓ Dropping off donation items (1 car load per day)

✓ Arranging appointments with other service providers if necessary

$250 per session*

*A minimum of 2 sessions is appropriate for a client who is looking for professional assistance to get the ball rolling on their project.

Discounts are offered for 6+ sessions

Design Services available

Time/travel expenses apply 30 minutes outside central Denver

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